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"Research in Bavaria" - a new international research marketing initiative

Poslao admin 10. Velj 2021 11:48:07

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to inform you about "Research in Bavaria", a new marketing initiative recently launched by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts and Bavarian universities.

The initiative targets young academics from all over the world, in particular potential doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers, as well as guest lecturers. We want to spark their interest in academic and scientific opportunities in the region, to put them in touch with their peers at Bavarian universities, and thereby promote international scientific exchange.

"Research in Bavaria" consists of an online information portal, featuring a research database, a blog with contributions by international researchers and news, as well as social media channels.

Web portal:



Study in Bavaria: Younger students who are interested in doing a Bachelor's or Master's program in Bavaria, can find useful information on

For some years already, the portal provides tips on how to plan a stay abroad, the course offer at Bavarian universities and student life in Bavaria. It includes a list of study programs in English ( and summer schools in English (

Please do not hesitate to forward this information to any interested persons and institutions.
Thank you very much!

Nikolas Djukić

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